Junk Removal in NH with trashetc.com

We do all the heavy work; lifting, loading, removal, clean-up, recycling and hauling away.

  • One item We pick up, remove, recycle junk by the item. This is a great service for appliances, furniture or electronic systems.
  • Truck or partial truck load- We pick up, remove /recycle junk by the truck load, half truck load, quarter truck load.
  • Multiple truck loads Why spend needless time to coordinate the rental of a dumpster or disposal bin when we can do the removal for you?

Schedule your free estimate today. After providing you with your on-site price we are always ready to remove your items right away. Use it to clean your garage, basement, move-in, move-out or estate clean outs.

Call today: 1-877-811-8727, 1-877-811-trash or press this link to schedule now trashetc.com

trashetc.com truck with Brian

We embrace the three R’s: Removal, Recycle and Reliable.

Removal - We do all the work; lifting, loading, removal, clean-up and hauling away. We remove appliances and furniture, junk, and unwanted clutter in your garage, basement, office, attic or yard.

Recycle - We are committed to the concept of recycling more and disposal of less. We work to leave a smaller footprint on our state and our planet.

Reliable - Removal and Recycle are what we do but reliable is what we are.

Do you want your space back? How much better would it feel in the garage, in the attic, in the office, in the yard, in the three season or spare room if the unwanted items are removed and the space cleaned up?

Trashetc.com makes a conscious effort to recycle.

Is your unwanted clutter or stuff preventing you from breathing? Storing unwanted clutter or stuff is a waste of valuable breathing space.

Space is often measured in living space or square feet of floor space. But there is another measure that is called the “perceived volume of space”.

Space that takes up unwanted area is less used space both in area and daily living experience.

Perceived space takes into account how you feel in a space.

  • Is your space crowed with items that make the area feel visually overwhelming?
  • Does your volume of space feel comfortable?
  • Do you feel that your space is coming in on you?
  • Is it overpowering the comfort of your space?

Our solution is to remove your unwanted clutter or junk out to increase your feelings of comfort when you are in your space.

Start by saying, “I want my space back.”

We sort, collect and connect with as many recycling opportunities as we can find. We are committed to provide reliable, service in your area.

We believe that we live local and seek recycling opportunities that are locally or regionally beneficial to us but, also globally responsible. As the opportunities to recycle more grow we are committed to finding them and throwing away less.

We make choices that are in keeping with our green roots. Our trucks are

clean and neat but never “new”. We walk the walk and live our beliefs. Unless a “new” truck is a major improvement for the environment over the existing models we are looking to recycle.

We are proud of our “recycling more and throwing away much less” philosophy.

As the opportunities to recycle more grow we are committed to throwing away less in the landfills.